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ValueManage is a group of companies having a presence in Bur Dubai as well as in Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ), a new free zone established by the Government of Dubai exclusively for the outsourcing industry.

ValueManage is a process-led, pure-play customized business process solutions and services company; which focuses on Banking, Finance and Insurance (BFSI) sector.

As many organizations in the region strive to improve the quality of their processes while managing their bottom lines, outsourcing of the processes either in full or in part has become the new imperative. There are several core & non-core but crucial areas in process outsourcing; which need to be addressed, improved and customized according to the specific needs of the organization.

ValueManage is formed with the aim of providing business solutions for non-core processes of organizations as a customized solution; reducing the operational costs while transforming their operations for sustainable benefit. We allow our Clients to continue focusing on their core businesses, while taking advantage of lower costs and higher service quality offered by us

ValueManage's leadership team has had long-standing careers and expertise in the banking and finance segment. We provide customized solutions to our clients with an insight and understanding of the requirements in the region.

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