SMS Alerter

SMS Alerter is an optional module of Customer Communication suite. SMS alerts form the notification services. Alerts are generated for many reasons, among them the following: When a statement or bill is being generated, when a bill is about to be due, when an account needs to be activated, when account's activation is about to expire. It finds many uses such as fraud notification alerts. Transaction alerts, for example when an ATM transaction or a credit card transaction takes place above a threshold. Alerts can be event driven/transactional based or interactive. For example: A customer just taking to the Call Service agent without performing any transaction. Alerter is a full functional module when coupled with the Suite provider for tight integration and control on the end-to-end communication flow. The SMS engine supports both PUSH SMS and PULL SMS.

The alerter can also be used for event driven marketing purposes. Because of its tight integration capabilities with CCM,SMS alerts can be combined with other forms of customer communications such as print mail, email etc., and the channels are driven by configurable business rules and all channels are supported for optimized customer communication.  For example: Send a personalized SMS offer automatically to individuals based on their spend statistics, all automatically triggered based on your campaign rules. The SMS alerter offers full controld on the dynamic compistion of the SMS content.

Furthermore, ValueManage can offer competitive SMS delivery rates.

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