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HR management grows in complexity every year. It gets more difficult to focus on your core business when you are trying to master a variety of administrative HR tasks. How do you balance the bottom line with everything you have to do?

The answer is you don’t have to do everything yourself. Continue doing what you do best, and outsource the rest to a ValueManage.

Outsourcing HR doesn’t mean we take the place of your current HR people. Rather, it means you can free them to be more strategic and focus on business success rather than filing forms and managing multiple vendors.

ValueManage takes care of the HR management portion of your business, and can position you competitively in the talent market by giving your employees the benefits they expect and deserve.

Bulk Placements:

ValueManage boasts expertise in bulk placements in GCC region. ValueManage has partners all across Asian sub-continent.

ValueManage has experience of bulk placements in financial services segment.

Senior Placements:

ValueManage, with its professional approach and excellent networking, provides placement services to the financial sector and large corporates.


ValueManage has successfully developed a web-based online application "e-recruit" to invite CVs for different positions. The application allows extensive search criteria to obtain the most appropriate profile. It also provides utilities such as downloading the data-base in excel. For logins and more information please Contact Us.

Payroll Processing:

Payroll processing that is timely and accurate is a basic requirement of every business. With ValueManage, you will be able to substantially streamline and automate your payroll processing.

Pre-employment Check:

ValueManage provides pre-employment check services as per client's requirements

ValueManage ensures confidentiality of client’s records and contents

ValueManage ensures transparency in the process and the records shall be made available to client within 48 hours in case of demand

ValueManage maintains agreed turn around time

ValueManage maintains service levels as per agreed SLA

Provides regular feedback on the status of pre-employment checks

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