SMART Pin Delivery

ValueManage in its continuous efforts to provide cost-efficiencies and innovative solutions in customer communication to the BFSI sector is introducing the "PinDelivery" in this region jointly with a leading European technology company.

The "PinDelivery" product is approved by the Major card issuers.

“PinDelivery” product introduces three intelligent alternative channels of delivering the PIN. It relies on the human brain to perform a simple decryption function on an obfuscated PIN received via SMS,IVR or Agent.

The end customer will receive:

a) The Card Carrier with the plastic card and some instructions that will be used for "composing" the PIN

b) A Secret Code including the PIN’s digits in random positions. The positions are marked in the card carrier. Thus, possession of the card carrier and the secret code will allow the end customer to retrieve the PIN.

What "PinDelivery" does for you?

"PinDelivery" facilitates institutions with intelligent ways to dispatch the PINS to their end-customers

What kind of PINS?

Any PIN, password that a banking, credit card or other institution need to send to the end-customer (web banking passwords, Credit – Debit card PINS, portal passwords, etc.)

Why choose it? (Main Benefits)

a) Increases Security since no actual PIN is transmitted at all (vs. mailed PINS that occur now).

b) Reduces Cost since no posting/courier charges of envelope with PIN is required.

c) Eliminate costs of printing PINS on special paper.

d) Improves Customer Service since it infuses to the end customer the feeling of trust (no PIN is mailed or submitted) and customer gets the PIN via a very simple and easy procedure.

e) Increases Velocity of PIN transmission since customers can get the PIN the same day with their application.

f) Full Audit Trail of pin delivery process.

g) Gain control on entire pin delivery process.

h) Approved by the Major card issuers.

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