Customer Communication

CCM is a configurable “off-the-box” application tailored to operations of Financial Services Providers, Utilites or Telecom providers, or for that matter any customer centric services provider. The solutions are based on “best practice” industry processes that enables you [an FSP] to optimize and efficiently manage all periodic or non-periodic communications with your customers (credit card statements, statements of accounts, private banking statements, global statements, reminder letters, direct marketing, etc.). If you take a minute to think what the term “Customer Communications” means to an FSP, then you can probably imagine many of the issues that CCMS addresses and the business flows it incorporates. CCMS can retrieve & exchange data directly with your applications (Core Banking, CRM, Collections, ERP etc) fully integrated to them and manages all incoming and outgoing communications with your customers whether these communications are paper statements or via e-mail or SMS/MMS or via web Self Care. CCMS has modules that manage Transactional Documents Composition, Smart Archiving (not images), Publishing, Viewing, advanced personalization capabilities and many other “Value Added Services” modules.


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