EasyLink provides a comprehensive set of fully outsourced EDI solutions that helps companies to take full advantage of their EDI investment. With EasyLink EDI, companies are able to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and reach of their electronic supply chain while reducing costs, infrastructure, and overhead.


EDI VAN — Our core EDI transaction engine, leveraging EasyLink’s secure global infrastructure and distinguished history of EDI excellence. Offers on- and off-ramps, translation services, AS2, EDI over the Internet, security, accounting, web administrative tools, and much more.

WEB EDI — Web portal providing seamless translation between EDI and html-based content for an uninterrupted supply chain. Using a standard web browser, smaller non-EDI compliant partners can receive PO's from their EDI-enabled partner and send invoices back, facilitating true bi-directional communication.

EDI MANAGED SERVICES — Manages your EDI applications with a 100% outsourced service that offloads the entire function from your IT staff. EasyLink becomes your EDI department, even offering help desk services.

EDI SERVICE BUREAU — Helps you reach out to smaller, non-EDI enabled suppliers and bring them into your EDI supply chain. Provides seamless, transparent EDI translation services so all of your partners – large and small – are talking EDI.



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