Production Messaging

Production Messaging is a 100% outsourced straightthrough processing (STP) solution from ValueManage that automates the creation and delivery of outbound transactions originating in back-office systems. It’s ideal for trade confirmations, letters of credit, customer statements, business reports, and other highvolume communications that must be output as fax, email, SMS, or other messages. Production Messaging reduces the costs of managing disparate infrastructure while eliminating manual processes. The messaging is customized to your business rules and recipient’s output needs, whether you’re confirming daily trades, processing prescriptions, or sending personalized monthly customer statements.

• Automates the creation and delivery of high-volume outbound
transactions from back-end systems into fax, email, SMS, or EDI
• Speeds cycle times and improves customer service, creating a
decisive competitive advantage in your markets
• Reduces costs associated with managing email, fax, and file
server infrastructure
• Facilitates compliance with today’s privacy, security, and
records-keeping mandates
• Ensures rapid ROI – payback typically within one month


Production Messaging Service accepts almost any form of data from your back-end system. We can personalize the messages according to your business rules, merge data fields, add logos or other customizations and then deliver these messages in the format of choice.

Production Messaging Service automates the creation and delivery of important client communications. The service allows you to:
-Personalize and customize your high volume transactions.
-Submit your data in multiple formats including XML, X12, EDIFACT, Text and more.
-Securely send faxes, e-mail, EDI and SMS messages.
-Submit messages using  WebServices API, which easily integrates with your back office infrastructure.
-Query the Network for up to the minute status of your sent messages.
-Monitor usage with our easy to use management reports.

With our in-network processing we can:
-Parse your data.
-Apply logos or forms overlay.
-Substitute data or merge fields.
-Conduct business process-based routing.
-Securely deliver your messages.

The Business Integration Network is the engine behind our Production Messaging services providing a secure, redundant and geographically disperse network infrastructure to ensure your messages are always delivered.

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