Hosted Business Messaging

A comprehensive suite of outsourced on-demand messaging and transaction services that help you conduct business electronically with your partners, suppliers, and customers – in virtually any way you'd like. From Desktop Fax, SMS Alerts and Production Messaging to EDI, Managed File Transfer, and Document Capture and Management, you can drive costs out of your operation.


Manages more than 1.5 million transactions daily for on our secure, fully redundant global messaging infrastructure. Delivering the bullet-proof redundancy and reliability that supply chain, trading communities, and corporate operations demand.


Whether it’s HIPAA compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley, or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, you comply with the privacy and records-keeping mandates of the 21st century. Turn your outbound transactions into automated digital workflows that can be tracked, audited, and archived. A complete audit trail is maintained for every transaction that passes through the network.


The fully-redundant Business Integration Network ensures total security, confidentiality, and availability. Your systems connect to the network via the Internet, virtual private networks, or other secure solutions in strict and traceable compliance with your requirements.


Hosted Business Messaging Solutions Include:

Desktop Fax Messaging
Production Messaging
Managed File Transfer





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