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Our Values and principles are manifested in the colours and design of our logo. ValueManage's (VMPC) corporate signature or logo is a symbolic message; an icon that tells people who VMPC is. It is a graphic manifestation of the company, it's company's products, employees and the company's collective knowledge. 


The corporate logo consists of two distinct features; the symbol and the wordmark. Together with their shape and color, they form the identity. The word ValueManage is inspired by the concept, ‘management of business values'.


The three identical shapes spinning in a circular motion in the outward direction depict the evolution process and the fast pace of today's age. Shapes do not touch each other but the proximity between them establishes synergy and relationships.


About the colors used:


Red-orange: Combines the energetic red and the joyous yellow. It represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, success, encouragement, willpower, leadership, courage, and stimulation. It is symbolic of strength and endurance. It is also associated with energy, strength, power and passion.


Yellow: Is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, energy, wisdom, concentration, relieve worries, and speed up results. Yellow is very effective for attracting attention. Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity.


Green: It is often associated with balance & harmony of the mind, the body & the emotions. It assists in decision making by helping us to see all sides clearly. Green is associated with nature, growth, vitality, freshness and the environment, creating a sense of compassion and nurturing for all. The gradient of the colors shows dynamism



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