Intelligent e‐statements

e‐Statements from ValueManage are tailored to Financial Services Provider operations and based on “best practice” industry processes that enables you [an FSP] to Optimize and efficiently manage your periodic or  non‐periodic communications with your customers (credit card statements, statements of accounts, private  banking statements, global statements, reminder letters and even direct marketing, etc.). E‐statements from ValueManage not only provide for a richer customer experience but also save costs and improve CSR  and help you stand out from other FSP’s.

e‐Statement solution allows for complete dynamic document composition and personalization, to include  marketing feeds and feeds from other sources. It allows for unlimited personalization such as card type, co‐branding, unlimited customer profile, preferences etc to name a few attributes. All of this is achieved by fully configurable business rules.

ValueManage’s e‐statement solution allows the bank or any other organization to “push” to the endcustomers their statements via email (in many formats such as attachments or through link and  authentication, secure PDF’s, MS Excel) the same time they are produced or let them “pull” the statements (as old as they want, an exact copy of printed/posted statement) via the e‐statements portal (specific portal or integrated to existing such as web banking).

e‐statements can target non‐web banking customers. Same services can be delivered through web-banking
using the delivered web‐services API.

The e‐statement solution from ValueManage has proven uptime, tested and proven over the years.
The applications are extremely configurable, fast to deploy and “off‐the‐box” with no custom programming required.

e‐statements from ValueManage also provide opportunities to sell more products, and create new
revenue streams. Savings on statement printing and delivery are just the tip of the iceberg.

Indicative feature list:
1. Statement consisting of multiple inputs CRM, CMS, Marketing, Billing, Core Transactional Information.
2. Ability to import data in different formats (XML, text etc.) for e‐statement generation.
3. Create output files to drive enveloping & print production machines, and avoid post processing, preserving/standardizing the originality and content of both electronic and physical delivery channels.
4. Flexible and scalable, with built‐in security features and audit trail.
5. Announce & be ready to create statements for new services quickly
6. Re‐builds / and splits the documents in order to add backgrounds or separate statements from others depending on categories of card holder, or customer type.
7. Uses the notification mechanism to deliver emails upon completion of the billing cycle
8. Stores and publishes all documents in document repository for later use
9. Supports, a self‐registration process for the end‐customers
10. Supports proper APIs (web services) to cover inquiries from e‐banking applications
11. Includes a web portal in order for the end‐users to login and see their statements. Could be applicable for non‐account holders.
12. Built on fully configurable business rules.
13. Java enabled, open standards, open architecture, robust platform proven to handle millions of documents.
14. Support for alerts and notifications.



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