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CCM is a configurable "off-the-box" application tailored to Communication Service Provider / Telecom [CSP]  operations and based on "best practice" industry processes that enables you [a CSP] to optimize and efficiently manage all periodic or non-periodic communications with your subscribers (bills, credit notes, dunning, welcome letters, cancellation letters, post-cancellation, direct marketing, etc.).  CCM retrieves & exchanges data directly with your applications (ERP, CRM, and billing) fully integrated to them and manages all incoming and outgoing communications with your subscribers whether these communications are on paper or via email or SMS/MMS or via web Self Care. The CCM suite has modules that manage Transactional Documents Composition, Archiving, Publishing, Viewing, advanced personalization capabilities and many other "Value Added Services" modules. If you take a minute to think what the term “Customer Communications” means to a CSP, then you can probably imagine many of the issues that CCMS addresses and the business flows it incorporates.


Reduce Churn

You want to be able to announce & be ready to invoice new tariff plans in a matter of hours… in some cases urgently because you want to respond to a competitor’s offer.  


Create new Revenue Streams

You want to gain more subscribers! You want to offer them “Interactive Marketing" incentives…


Flexibility, Efficiency & Process Automation

Retrieve data automatically from various Billing systems and your ERP, CRM or even from the mediation layer with no custom interfaces and no effort.  You want a multilingual application (on user and subscriber level) that can be deployed to all your branches and countries you operate just by opening a web browser and clicking the right link. You want the ready to print format to contain all elements to drive industrial printers and enveloping machines… and all other elements required for payment, mailing, returned mailing.


Personalized Cross Sales & Up-Sales and Loyalty

You want to reach every subscriber individually and add eye level personalized messages on the paper or electronic invoice according to several rules and usage patterns and exploit the time they spend on them. You want to automatically generate trans-promotional invoices and increase the possibility for cross-selling.



You want to send consolidated bill for all the services you offer (mobile, fixed, internet, etc.) and converge data from your billing systems reducing spamming effect and multiple envelopes and thus dramatically reduce costs. You want to send split bills to corporate customers with cost allocation. You want to have control of which brochures to co-envelope according to a subscriber’s usage behavior. You want to have a different bill layout for each subscriber or subscriber groups. 


Cost Reduction & Independence

You want to send bill information via SMS immediately after the bill is created (7-10 days earlier) and achieve faster payment rates. You want to automatically control all data manipulation stages for the “ready-to print” format and to cut costs dramatically not relying on third parties… and you want to do this any time and in any cycle. You want to send bills – invoices via email and also include banners, ads and personalized attachments that you can also rent.  


Technical Excellence?

You want your application to be compatible with all platforms and all browsers and you want "grid computing" to be supported so that your applications will be utilizing all available excess IT resources. You also want your applications to have 99.9999% availability, tested and proven over the years. You want applications that are extremely configurable, fast to deploy and "of f-the-box"… with no custom programming required.




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